London is a melting pot for creativity and culture, so to celebrate our re-brand we're commissioning artists from all over to show us what London means to them. LDN Spotlight is an ongoing exhibition at our offices in The Old Bailey showcasing works from exciting and emerging artists including Yee Poon, Lauren Morsely, Ly Leová, Jacelyn Yap and Jamie Powell . If you'd like to take part and get paid for it send us an email on hello@fcblondon.com and let's chat!

Ly Leová

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Ly Leová is a Czech illustrator with Vietnamese heritage graduating from Camberwell University of the Arts London studying Illustration. Her diverse cultural background and Eastern spiritual influence mixed with Western philosophies allows her to approach work with a unique lens. A dancer, Ly takes inspiration from street culture to nurture her playful work characterised by bold colours and patterns. Versatile in style and medium, she mainly works digitally exploring the possibilities of illustration and sequential storytelling by experimenting with technology such as 3D, AR and VR to create immersive and interactive experiences for the audience.

When I first came to London, I hated the small, claustrophobic and crowded tubes, but I have learnt to love and celebrate the diversity of people in that crowd and I believe it's this rich and infinite diversity of people that makes London, London.
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Lauren Morsley's LDN art

Lauren Morsley

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Lauren Morsley is an Illustrator and Printmaker from Scotland. She specialises in bold and colourful designs which create other worlds to explore. Her work is often inspired by intriguing stories, places, and people. Alongside her commission work for various clients, she makes and sells her own prints and products, full of wiggly armed and long legged characters.

‘City Rhythms’ - The commotion, vibrancy and sounds that draw you in and embrace you.
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Jamie Powell

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I'm a London-based freelance Motion Designer with a passion for designing brands with a humorous and fun touch. Specialising in social led content I work across both 2D & 3D and love the diverse nature of motion design, it keeps me on my toes and I’m constantly learning.

Inspired by the unique architecture of the Greenwich Maritime Museum, from my fond memories of visiting Greenwich Park during the Summer.
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Jacelyn Yap's LDN art

Jacelyn Yap

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Having persevered through an engineering degree and a short stint as a civil servant, Jacelyn (she/her) rekindled her love of illustration just over a year ago, drawing inspiration from Anime. Featured in D&AD New Blood as a portfolio pick in 2022, Jacelyn is one to watch. Her artworks have appeared in Commonwealth Foundation's adda and Sine Theta Magazine.

This piece reflects how London is home to vibrant fragments of life that you just can't take your eyes off. I wanted to show that London has felt like the centre of the world, or even the universe, for a very long time.
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Yee Poon's LDN art

Yee Poon

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Yee Poon is a British-Chinese illustrator and designer based in Bristol, UK. She enjoys creating work that combines vibrant colours, playful characters and hand-lettering. Inspired by the warm, animated children's TV shows of her childhood and her love of good food, Yee's illustrations are full of life and personality. She has worked with notable brands like Clarks Originals and Slush Puppie, bringing her style to a wide range of projects.

'Flavours of London' - Capturing an essence of the cultural melting pot that is London.
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