Cookie Policy

Updated: 8th December 2023

We're in the business of creating standout advertising, and we like to keep things straightforward and engaging, just like our approach to this website.

Our Approach: No Cookies

We've opted for a cookie-free experience on our site. This means we don't use any cookies, neither first-party nor third-party. It's all about simplicity and transparency here.

A Bit About Cookies

Normally, cookies are small data files used by websites to remember certain aspects of your visit. They can be quite useful, but here, we've decided to skip them. We want your visit to our website to be as seamless and unencumbered as possible.

Introducing Vercel Web Analytics

While we don't use cookies, we do use Vercel Web Analytics to understand how our site is being used. This helps us improve our content and user experience. Here's how Vercel Web Analytics aligns with our privacy-first approach:

  • Anonymous Data Collection: Vercel collects data like page views and interactions in an anonymous format. This means we see the trends, but not who is behind them.
  • No Personal Identifiers: Vercel doesn't track or cross-check your data across different applications or websites. Your browsing session here stays here.
  • Aggregated Data Use: The data collected is aggregated, so individual users are not identifiable. It's all about understanding site usage patterns, not tracking individual visitors.
  • Configurable for Privacy: We've configured Vercel Analytics to avoid collecting any personal or sensitive information. It's compliant with privacy standards and designed with your privacy in mind.

Why We Use Vercel Analytics

Understanding how our site is used helps us tailor our content and improve your experience. We believe in using tools that respect your privacy, and Vercel Analytics fits the bill.