Transforming a household name

Get Comfortable

We revolutionised public conversation around bathroom habits by launching “Get Comfortable” - a campaign that turns toilet taboos into open, positive dialogues. Through humour and relatable scenarios, we’re transforming embarrassment into comfort, promoting healthier lifestyles and awareness with Andrex.

Billboard advertisement featuring a close-up image of a man's smiling face with eyes closed, accompanied by the slogan "Live Unclenched" and the Andrex brand logo.
A billboard advertisement featuring a woman and a dog promoting Andrex toilet paper with the caption "Christen The In-Laws"
Man sitting in an office environment with a contemplative expression, alongside text promoting financial gain from bathroom breaks, for an Andrex advertisement.

For something we all have to do, going to the toilet causes embarrassment for far too many people.

As a nation, we’re so crippled by toileting anxieties that we avoid going away from home, we avoid addressing obvious bowel issues, and we even avoid looking at our own poo. As a result, we’re unnecessarily suffering, from walking around with abdominal discomfort, to kids not being properly toilet trained and most alarmingly, a disproportionate number of deaths from bowel cancer as people ignore obvious signs.

Andrex, the UK’s leading brand of toilet paper, couldn’t stay on the sidelines any longer. That‘s why we created ‘Get Comfortable’, a platform that challenges the taboos and uptight attitudes of the British public, encouraging the nation to flush their inhibitions away.

By leveraging humour and real-life scenarios, we wanted to shift the narrative from toilet embarrassment to openness, promoting healthier toilet habits and attitudes as a result.

This platform aims to help the nation get over our collective social constipation to make more confident choices, adopt healthier habits and, ultimately, feel better. FCB London is taking our brand into a new, modern and purposeful direction with this launch campaign to help us all have a healthier, more confident relationship with the bathroom.