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3 Series: The Driver’s Car Since 1975

The BMW 3 Series is one of the most loved cars on the British road and has built a devoted fan base since launching in 1975. To celebrate its 40th birthday, not only was a tribute to each generation of the model necessary, but a tribute to each generation of fan that has loved the car.

The BMW 3 Series embodies four decades of luxury and innovation, mirroring cultural and technological shifts. Our campaign celebrates this legacy, connecting generations through a series of creative executions that capture the essence of each era. With targeted outdoor, print, and digital strategies, we spotlight the enduring allure and historical significance of the 3 Series, inviting audiences on a nostalgic journey through automotive excellence.

  • 65% increase in daily show room visits
  • 7,000 more sales than target
  • 16,000 conquests from competitor brands