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Summer of Sport
An X-ray image of Andy Murray's pelvis with the text "Better never stops" displayed across the centre.

Castore has a hunger to be the best that runs through the company from the people that work there, to the teams they sponsor. 'Summer of Sport' demonstrates their 'Better Never Stops' spirit through the sports icons they partner with.

An advertisement above an escalator in the London Underground. The advert is a top down shot of a cricket wicket with the text top "Immortality is just 22 yards away".

We were tasked to create a showstopping campaign that captured the essence of the Castore’s ‘Better Never Stops’ ethos and showcase the brands position within world-famous sporting events including Wimbledon Tennis, The Ashes, and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The result was Summer of Sport which focused in on the partnerships with legendary sporting teams and athletes, including the England Cricket teams, Oracle Red Bull Racing and three-times grand slam winner, Sir Andy Murray.

Billboard advert. X-Ray of Andy Murray's hip with the text "Better never stops".
48 Sheet Advert. Close up of Sergio Perez with crash helmet on. Text on top reads "You can't doubt yourself at 229 miles per hour"
Digital 6 Sheet. X-Ray of Andy Murray's hip with the text "Better never stops".
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