Creating a movement to empower women

This Girl Can

In 2015, Sport England presented us with a challenge: to find a way to close the 2m strong gender gap in regular exercise levels by getting more women active. Borne out of a powerful unifying insight, we created ‘This Girl Can’, a brand built from the audience up, championing women getting active their own way. Nine years later, ‘This Girl Can’ has established itself in the vernacular of society and driven significant behaviour change.

Young woman vigorously exercising on a rowing machine, appearing focused and determined. An advert for Sport England. Text reads: "Hot and not bothered"

‘Fear of judgement’ was stopping women from getting active. This core insight has consistently sat at the heart of TGC, providing our core communications objective: to liberate women from the judgments that hold them back, by replacing their fear with a "don’t give a damn" attitude.

2015 established the TGC brand. Starring street-cast women, all with jiggly bits, sweat patches, and an aspirational, ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude. It tore up the rulebook on women’s exercise, and provided powerful, insight-led mantras for women to own.

A woman jogging on a rural path with the motivational phrase "I jiggle, therefore I am." displayed, part of the "This Girl Can" campaign.
  • 3 million women exercising as a direct result of our campaign
  • 1000+ social media mentions each day
  • 100m+ views
  • £1: £35 ROI and a total estimated value of £387 Million


  • Cannes Lions -Grand Prix for Good and Inaugural Glass Lion
  • One Show -Fusion Pencil for diversity and inclusion